Twin Troopers Podcast

Hello everyone,

Since the beginning of this blog, I have always thought a podcast would make a useful companion piece to the weekly articles.  However, I was always unsure whether it would be worth my time to invest in such an endeavor - as when I started, I wasn't sure I'd still be writing after a month.

Clearly, I'm still writing and, moreover, I still think a podcast would be a welcome addition to the content on this site.  After all, I began writing this blog because there was very little Imperial Assault content available, which is as true for audio content as it is written content.

Therefore, I'd like to announce the Twin Troopers podcast - obviously a podcast about Imperial Assault.  Very creative, I know.  Beyond the name, I'm also excited to announce my vision for the podcast.  To begin, I'm starting with the recognition that an Imperial Assault podcast can't be structured the same way a podcast about movies or video games would be.  Those topics content rich, with not only years and years of back content, but new content that comes out weekly.  Both the forward and backward-looking content of Imperial Assault is incredibly small in comparison - the game has only been out for a few years, expansions are only released every few months, news about expansions comes out relatively slowly, etc.  

Therefore, it is clear to me that a general, weekly podcast about Imperial Assault isn't sustainable.  Meaning, that the structure has to change in some drastic ways.  My plan to address this is to release weekly episodes that consist of two types of episodes.  First, a general discussion podcast once a month covering recently released products, games, news, and tournaments.  I envision these episodes running about 90 minutes and being very similar to other mainstream podcasts where two to four people get together to have a casual chat about a topic.

The second type of episode is why I am most excited.  I plan on creating educational episodes that cover specific deployment cards, Command cards, or strategy, particularly angled at beginners.  Now, I am excited for these episodes because they target a very specific problem I had as a beginner - in order to hear discussion on Command cards and strategy on other podcasts, I had to go through all their episodes, including the all the content that's dated or not related to the topic I want to learn about.  Hopefully, the episodes I envision will solve that problem - enabling new players to simply add these episodes to a playlist and learn about the game without any other content impeding that.

That's the current plan, but I admit the best laid plans usually change for one reason or another.  As always, feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts.  Thanks!