My Introduction to Imperial Assault

In October 2016, I was taking a graduate class on database management and design.  This class was from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM every Monday night.  I attended this class every week after working 8 hours and biking twenty miles.

Don't get me wrong.  I love attending classes and learning (I think this is why I love learning complex board games).  However, given my state of mind at about 8:15 PM on those nights, I developed some bad habits.  Specifically, I started researching a question I had since I started playing the X-Wing Miniatures game in November 2015 - What is Imperial Assault?

You see, I make frequent trips to my local game store(s).  And while I spent a significant amount of time poring over whether to purchase a B-Wing, Tie Interceptor, or Firespray, the little sculpts of Luke, Leia, and Imperial Stormtroopers always caught my eye.

How couldn't they?  I love flying my favorite Star Wars ships around as much as the next person, but I can't deny the extra bit of magic that's present when I think about my favorite characters shooting their way through a group of Storm Troopers.

And that's really where I'd like to begin my discussion (and end this post) of Imperial Assault and why it is one of my favorite tabletop games.  I don't have the experience or knowledge to confirm if Imperial Assault is an excellent miniatures game.  Other games may have better mechanics, balance, etc.  However, I can say that IA truly captures the feeling of being a hero in Star Wars, and that joy cannot be underestimated.