2017 Regional Recap Part 1: General Thoughts

Hello everyone and welcome to another Twin Troopers post.  This time, covering the Imperial Assault Regional Championship at Fantasy Flight Game Center in Roseville, Minnesota.  To begin, let's examine some basic information from the day.

Mercenary was the most favored faction among players at the event.  Out of 19 players, there were 12 Mercenary lists, 5 Rebel lists, and 2 Imperial lists.  Moreover, the cut to the top 8 was entirely comprised of Mercenary lists, including the winning list:

I will cover the event in a three posts, as each individual part more or less stands on its own as a complete thought.  In this post, I want to generally address my play and list at the tournament.  I went 2 - 2, a record that I am proud to have achieved considering my lack of experience.  In the next post, I want to discuss my losses from the day.  While these losses are certainly related to what I play on writing about in this post, I think the detail is best reserved for its own discussion.  Finally, I'd like to close out these post with some thoughts on the meta in general and where I'd like to see the game go in the future.

PART 1: General thoughts on my play and list

Before going into my thoughts on the tournament, you can find an analysis of the list I brought here.  Not only was I one of the only 2 players using the Imperial faction at the tournament, but my list was completely unique from the other Imperial player's list (he had Dewback Riders and Elite Storm Troopers).  Reflecting on my list, I have no regrets about what I brought.  I think I found certain elements underwhelming at times, but I never felt like any game was unwinnable as a result of my list.  More importantly, I enjoyed playing it.

In terms of effectiveness, there were many situations where my list excelled.  For instance, in a win on ISB Headquarters, I found had a great deal of success positioning my Royal Guards and Jet Troopers together in a block formation (I would include the map, but at this point all you need to know is that it has some tight corridors).  Against single target units such as Echo Base Troopers and Alliance Rangers, the Jet Troopers traded extremely favorably, fully utilizing their Agile ability in conjunction with the Guards' Sentinel ability and Zillo Technique.  Moreover, it was difficult for heavy hitters like Jedi Luke Skywalker to approach without opening himself up to significant amounts of damage from Jet Troopers that had the mobility to approach, attack with 3 dice, and retreat back to the Royal Guards.



Corusant Landfill

Corusant Landfill

Another advantage this list had was its mobility.  If you aren't familiar with the the "Mobile" ability on the Jet Troopers, this ability allows them to ignore additional movement costs when entering difficult terrain and spaces containing hostile figures.  This was a huge advantage for my list on the Corusant Landfill map, where the objective was to move crates out of the center of the map back to my deployment zone (ignore the Dianoga). The center of the map is mostly comprised of difficult terrain.  Because my Jet Troopers possessed the Mobile trait, moving in and out of the center area was much easier for me than my opponent.  Moreover, with some competent Royal Guard placement, my Jet Troopers could move into the center area with relative safety, despite being open to fire from my opponent.


In hindsight, I believe the core of this list, that I would define as the being comprised of the two sets of Jet Troopers and the Royal Guards, is strong in the current meta and entertaining to play.  Setting up Jet Troopers with Agile, the Royal Guards with Sentinel, and Zillo Technique, felt strong as I could guarantee 3 blocks, or 2 blocks and an evade if need be.  The ability to remove surges for +2 damage or Pierce 3 on command really added up over the course of the game in terms of damage reduction, keeping my units on the board as my opponent's dwindled. 

That said, there is certainly room for creativity in the rest of the list.  I chose to go for a Spy theme in my list.  However, I could see a lot of value in leaning into a Hunter theme, bringing Bossk over to join the Inquisitor.  In addition to some Mercenary Hunters, the value of the Hunter Command cards rivals that of any type, making them a great addition to any list.

I also think that Captain Terro and some Officers could add a lot to this list as well.  Not only can Terro move a ridiculous amount of spaces with his Mounted ability, he can also increase the survivability of the Jet Troopers with his command card, Cavalry Charge.  Officers provide a cheap unit to occupy a terminal and provide a soft pass, two aspects that I sorely missed in my list.

I look forward to trying these changes myself and seeing how they work out in future game.  As I said, I don't regret using a Spy theme in place of this, as a well-timed Comm Disruption can change the course of a game.  

I plan on trying some of these variations over the next few months, eager to see if any of them speak to me more than the one I took to this regional.

Thanks for reading!  In the next post, I'll be covering the two losses I received during the tournament.