Imperial Assault Resource Guide

As I've been busy practicing for the upcoming World Championship tournament, I thought I'd take a little break from my usual strategy-focused content and provide a different sort of piece - a guide to all the resources that I've taken advantage of over the past six months.  Hopefully, this will prove useful to other players as well.


I am first and foremost a person that enjoys written content.  Hence why I write this blog and why I'd like to highlight these two blogs in particular.  Both provide good skirmish content and cover a variety of topics including strategy, card reviews, and battle reports.

Corsec Academy

Rebel High Command


Imperial Assault podcasts have been hard to come by in my experience.  There are very few out there, but here are the ones that have satisfied my desire for Imperial Assault content.  Note that some of these podcasts cover other Star Wars games as well, but are still a good resource for Imperial Assault content.

Vader's Finest

The Jodo Cast

New Orders

Squad Builders

I've spent way too much time inside of these squad builders.  The nice part is that each of them has their strength - as one is very lightweight featuring mostly text entries, and the other includes images.  Both certainly do the job.  Moreover, they both double as a deployment card/Command card database.

IA Army Builder

Tabletop Admiral

Message Boards/ Discussion

Perhaps the best way to learn about Imperial Assault is asking questions and taking part in discussions.  I've had very good experiences with the Imperial Assault community.  These are the two that I primarily use, but I also encourage you to utilitze your local Facebook groups, as the one I participate is is always quick to answer questions.

Imperial Assault Subreddit

FFG Imperial Assault Community Page

Other Stuff

I use these far less often, but they are extremely important when you need them.  I don't print maps, but Ibsh's site is an amazing resource if you just want to examine and study a map.  On top of that, Sorastro will always hold a place in my heart for teaching me how to paint my first miniature.  Kudos to these two sites.

Ibsh's Printable Imperial Assault Skirmish Maps

Sorastro's Painting


As you can see, it's a short list, but that doesn't mean I haven't missed something.  I encourage you to share your resources as well.