Worlds Battle Report: Game 2

GAME 2: 0 – 1

If you haven't read my summary of Game 1, do so here!

A friend and fellow player told me before the tournament that I should lose my first game and then win out.  Matchups are based on your record, so theoretically, by losing your first game the rest of your games will be easier because all the top players will be playing the other top players.  For example, when I’m 1 – 1, the best players will be 2 – 0.  When I’m 2 – 1, the best players are 3 – 0.  I don’t find this theory very convincing, mostly because I think good players can have bad matchups/luck, and therefore you'll get a distribution of good and bad players at all levels.

I recall asking that friend what happens if you lose your first game and then you lose all the rest.  I’m not sure he had a good answer, but at the beginning of game 2, I was worried that I would continue down the path to finding out the answer.

My second match was played on Jabba’s Palace, on the Spoils of Crime mission.  My opponent deployed in the red zone on the left side of the map and I deployed in the blue zone on the right side. 

I was still getting used to the image editing software when I made this map.  Again, I hope it provides a little more guidance for those that aren't familiar with the maps.

I was still getting used to the image editing software when I made this map.  Again, I hope it provides a little more guidance for those that aren't familiar with the maps.

B’s list was maybe my favorite list of the entire tournament, for a few reasons.  First, he was running what I would describe as a modified Smuggler Box, featuring Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C-3P0, R2-D2, MHD-19 and Lando (I’m missing a card or two, but this is the gist) – and I was immensely jealous of the theme.  How much fun is it to bring some of the most iconic Star Wars characters to the biggest tournament of the year?  Moreover, if I’m remembering right, they were beautifully painted. 

The second and more selfish reason I was excited to see this list was because I knew my list would be strong against it.  This is a good map for my list, particularly when my opponent has a lot of units that benefit from sticking together.  In this case, my opponent's list may be nearly invincible when threatened by my Heavies and Jet Troopers, but there was very little it could do to stop me from sending a Heavy Stormtrooper to every objective on the map – and that’s what I did.

On round one, I moved every one of my units towards objectives, while B did not leave his deployment zone.  My Heavies and Jet Troopers approached the center of the map, while Terro grabbed the objective right outside my door and quickly ducked into the Rancor pit, granting me 2 VPs at the end of the first round to B’s 0.

Round two was where the match became interesting.  During this round, I picked up four more objectives, and ended up holding five of the six boxes at the end of the round.  However, B also showed his prowess this round.  His positioning of his units was masterful, as his Chewbacca and Leia shrugged off a couple of useless attacks, killing a Jet Trooper to boot.  It was clear that B had a good grasp of how his figures needed to be positioned to engage effectively.  The round ended with me moving up to 12 VPs to B’s 4 VPs.

By round three, my win condition was clear – I was going to hold on to these boxes for dear life.  As the smuggler box moved across the map, I retreated to the Rancor pit and Captain Terro (who was holding two boxes at this point, and gaining 1 movement point for every move action).  In order to catch up, I knew B not only had to eliminate 10 VPs worth of my units per round, but also had to eliminate the box carriers, a few of which were not easily within his attack range.  After some disappointing rolls on B's part, round three ended without any of my units being defeated.  I went up to 22 VPs and my opponent remained at 4 VPs.

There isn’t much more to say about this match, as I was too far ahead at this point for B to catch up.  In the end, I killed Leia for 8 VPs and gained another 10 VPs from mission points at the end of the round.  However, I again want to highlight how entertaining it was to play against this list.  It’s definitely not a meta list, and I would fear running it against hunters that can remove the dodge results that this list occasionally relies on.  However, when it’s positioned well (as B successfully executed), the units in this list are extremely difficult to remove.  Between C-3P0 and Chewbacca handing out evades and blocks like candy, plus R2-D2 filling my opponent’s hand with Command cards, the list can definitely give any opponent a run for his or her money.

I secured my first win and accomplished my miniature goal for the tournament – win at least one game.