Worlds Battle Report: Game 6 and 7

Game 6: 4 - 1

If you haven't read my summary of Game 5, do so here!

Over the course of the tournament, I'm occasionally worried that I'm going to get paired with a player that won't be much fun to play with.  On day one, I didn't have the requisite knowledge to identify those players, but by day two, word gets around about the players that have bad attitudes.  I suppose this should be taken as a warning to all players - people talk about you if you're a rude.  I imagine that it's very hard to shake that reputation once you have it.  Luckily for me, I was paired with the exact opposite of what I feared in Game 6.

My opponent, F, was a local player that had attended our practice tournament the week before.  I could not have asked for a better opponent.  Not only was I happy that one of us would get another win, but F treated the game and I with dignity and respect.

F ran a relatively unique mercenary list, featuring Shyla and two Elite Gammorean Guards.  The mission was Line of Fire on Anchorhead Cantina.  F won initiative and chose to deploy in the blue zone on top, and I deployed in the red zone on the bottom.  

This was essentially the worst case scenario for me.  As already noted, my list doesn't deal with high-health figures behind black dice very well - and F had those in spades with the Gammorrean Guards and Shyla.  On top of that, F occupied the top half of the map, which provided easy access to the objectives.  Generally, my list relies on occupying and defending objectives with Heavy Stormtroopers, but that strategy would essentially be impossible given this setup.  I was at a significant disadvantage.

The game began in an uneventful manner.  I cautiously moved my Heavies and Jets forward from my deployment zone, but not up into Cantina area.  F ran Greedo over to the terminal, providing easy access to the objectives.  My Jets took a couple range 6 (or more) shots at Greedo, only putting a few damage on him.  Round one ended with the two of us tied at 0 VPs to 0 VPs.  

Round two was when things got a little more interesting.  My opponent had moved Salacious Crumb forward in round one, so  I chose to attack and remove him.  If you've never suffered at the hands of Salacious, then you are luckier than I.  Not only are Salacious' abilities annoying in their own right, but his ability to use Brawler Command cards can make him a serious threat.  

F moved his Gammorean Guards in the center hallway, and picked up an objective with Greedo.  Overall, there wasn't much combat.  I was able to remove a single Gammorean and in return lost a Heavy Stormtrooper.  Round two ended 4 VPs to 4 VPs.

At the beginning of round three, I was very concerned about Greedo and the objective he carried.  If he brought it to the extraction zone, my opponent would gain 10 VPs.  Knowing that I would likely trade equally with F's units (at best), I couldn't afford a 10 VP swing.  Thus, I made a dramatic move at the end of round two - I focused one of my Heavy Stormtroopers and gave the hidden condition to another - hoping to capitalize on their Blast ability in round three as a number of Gammorreans had congregated in the center hallway.  

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to pull off that strategy.  Round three ended up being a decisive round for F.  Early on, he activated a set of Gammorreans and played not one, but two copies of Pummel - removing two Heavies and a Jet Trooper from the board.  Not only had I lost my Blast potential (which I had used Command cards to set up), but a significant amount of my figures.

From that point, I was pretty sure that the game was over.  Yet, even if I hadn't lost those units, I was still in a precarious position.  Greedo was carrying a box, and if he was able to score it, F would have gained 10 VPs.  On top of that, Shyla and Onar were still in good health.  While I was able to kill Greedo and prevent him from gaining the mission points, but the rest of my list pretty much disintegrated to F's Gammorreans and Onar.

To some players, I believe this game would have looked like a lucky win for F - having drawn and played two Pummels.  I occasionally hear players complain about how Command cards influence the game too much.  However, I would have to disagree with this sentiment.  Command cards can be powerful, but generally they can be played around.  And, more importantly, they often require some effort to be executed correctly.

For instance, in this game F quickly took control of both terminals, allowing him to draw three Command cards at the end of round one and round two.  Thus, I have no grounds to charge that F was lucky in holding two Pummels.

Moreover, F utilized the objectives to set up his Pummel.  I had no desire to move my Heavies near F's Gammorreans, but because Greedo had picked up the objective, I couldn't allow F to hold the center hallway.  F knew my lists weaknesses and took advantage of them in a way that showed a very strong understanding of the game and his own list.

All in all, I had a great time playing F and I was happy to see him move closer to the top sixteen (which he made!).  I dropped to 4-2.

Game 7: 4 - 2

I feel a bit bad, as I don't recall this game as well I would like.  This is unfortunate, because G was an amazing opponent who deserved to win this game in my opinion.  However, due to a few lucky Blasts from my Heavies, I pulled this one out (just barely!).

G was running what I would consider the quintessential Jabba's Realm package.  It looked as fun as it was deadly, and that obviously had me worried.  The map was ISB Headquarters, playing the Reconnaissance mission.

I was particularly concerned about this game, because my list does not do well on missions that don't have position-based objectives.  G took advantage of this on round one by using his last activation to drop a camera near my deployment zone for 4 VPs.  I scored 1 VP with my camera, and round one ended uneventfully.

From here, the game took a turn in my favor.  G had set up most of his forces in the center hallway.  However, he made a few positional errors.  First, he sat both Gammorreans against his door, preventing one of them from moving and attacking (and preventing any other unit from opening the door for them).  Moreover, G had a set of Weequays that couldn't quite move past the two Gammoreans to attack.  This essentially removed offensive potential of three figures from the board during round two.  On top of that, I was able to attack with a Hidden Heavy, utilizing Blast 2 to deal 6 damage across three figures (I may have done this twice, but I can't recall).  

That turn pretty much sealed the deal for G in terms of his offensive power.  However, he nearly brought himself back into this game with Jabba and by taking advantage of my oversights.  On one round, G used Order Hit with a Gammorrean to remove two Heavy Stormtroopers, gaining him 10 VPs.  On top of that, his last camera netted him at least 5 VPs (it could have been more, but I didn't write down the exact amount).  

Ultimately, G's intelligent plays brought us to a tie when time was called.  I barely received the win because I had received more points via killed figures that G, but it was very close considering I was pretty far ahead in terms of figures on the board.  As I said, G played excellently and probably deserved to win this game, but I got a few lucky breaks.

After my final game, I finished with a 5 - 2 record and earned a set of dice!



Overall, Worlds was a great experience.  I was proud of how I played and look forward to improving my play over the next year.  As far as Twin Troopers is concerned, it's time to get back to writing some strategy articles.  I've been playing around with some Rebel jank over Store Championships, so look forward to some articles on that soon!